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KL two Designs
KL two Designs:

Standard Package - Single Set/Unit Set - $750.00

Standard Package - Multiple Set - $1,250.00

Premiere Package:  Fee based on production requirements

Artist in Residence:  Fee based on production requirements

Design Package Info
Design Package Info.:

The Standard Package includes:

1. Two sets of blueprints, including:

 - General Ground Plan

 - Scene Plan Views (if necessary, usually only for multi set locations)

 - Front Elevations & Appropriate Section views

2. Minimum One rendering and/or Paint elevation

3. Color and Paint specifications

4. Master Blocking Sheets

5. Master Magic Sheet

Once we receive your Production Space Fact sheet our design team will customize our stock design to fit your space.  We will return to you our design customize to fit to your stage.  

The Premiere Package includes:

Working with your director and producer our design team will provide your production company with a new and unique set design created just for you.  Our design group has created over two hundred set designs for professional, university and community theatres as well as designed scenery for Ballet, Opera and television.  From original scripts to Broadway classics we are happy to design your vision into reality.  The Premiere package includes:

1. Pre-Design

 - A minimum of three Conference calls

 - A minimum of one conceptual rendering

 - Conceptual Master ground plan

 - One major re-design

2. Package Three sets of blueprints including:

 - General Ground Plan

 - Scene Plan Views (if necessary, usually only for multi set locations)

 - Front Elevations & Appropriate Section views

 - Minimum of two renderings and Paint elevations

 - Color and Paint specifications

 - Master Blocking Sheet

 - Master Magic Sheet

Naturally, it is impossible to provide a price quote for this service; however, we will consult with your director and producer to develop the design, movement and effects and will provide a quote based upon the complexity and volume of scenery required to deliver a superlative design.            

Artist in Residence:

As an added benefit to our “Premiere Package” we offer on-site supervision and assistance to organizations that desire additional help. One of our designers will travel to your location to work closely with your artistic and technical staff to provide direct guidance and direction on the execution of your Premiere design.  This service provides an environment that is conducive to the creative process, provides hands-on instruction for both individual technicians and/or groups and can be tailored to fit your organizations needs providing the unique opportunity for workshops. 


The Artist in Residence service, like The Premiere Package, is based upon the complexity and scope of your design, time onsite, travel and needs of your organization.  The fee for this service is based upon your request, project scope and mutually agreed upon criteria…

We can't do it without you !

All of our packages require extensive cooperation from your production team, particularly in providing our team with your Production Space Fact sheet.   In order to “fit” our design in your space we need accurate measurements and drawings (if available).  Close adherence to those details helps ensure a successful product. 

KL two Services (Stagecraft Workshop):

Stagecraft - One Day Workshop: 8 Hours for 20 participants

$ 750.00 + travel reimbursement

Stagecraft - Two Day Workshop: 16 Hours for 20 participants

$ 1,250.00 + travel reimbursement

Stagecraft Workshop 2: “The Craftsperson” 8 Hours for 10 participants

$ 750.00 + travel reimbursement

Stage Management Workshop: 8 Hours for 10 participants

$ 750.00 + travel reimbursement

Design Assistants:  8 Hours for 10 participants 

$ 750.00 + travel reimbursement

Stage Supplies: 

Coming in 2019

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