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Steps - How this works?

Step 1.  Get the ball rolling – Let us know what you want or just want more information!

1. Go to the contact page…

2. Fill out the form – IMPORTANT please use KEY WORDS in the Subject box - please type Order Product, Custom Service, Add Us or Other… Explanations of KEY WORDS below…

SUBJECT LINE KEY WORDS – To help us serve you better and avoid undue aggravation please use the KEY words… By using the four titles listed below, we can react faster to your request. 

Order Product 

Tells us you already know which production you are going to perform! 


Please remember to submit the Title of the show and its author in the “Order Product Box” (We know the author seems      apparent, however, play titles cannot be copy-written so the version of the script you are using is based on the author.


Your production dates and contact phone number would be appreciated in the Message Box 

Custom Service 

To use a restaurant analogy you are ordering off the menu… The exact ingredients are important, so a conference call is crucial. Please include a daytime phone number in the “Details/Message” field, it speeds up the process and we will be set up a conference call with you and your team…

After our conversation, we will send a follow up “review of scope” email to make sure we have the details correct.

Add Us 

We will add you to our email list… You will start receiving emails (approximately every 4 to 6 weeks) filled with specials and interesting tips and tricks.  Not to worry, these emails will be infrequent and we will always try to make it fun, current and brief. We are not a company that seeks to annoy rather we seek to entertain.


Tells us you have a request that is related but doesn’t fit into our standard menu.  No worries… Please give us a few details in the “Details/Message” field so we can assist your production needs. 

Dear colleague,


Thanks for choosing KL two – The home of exceptional scenic design at affordable prices.  We have received your request and we are processing it.  You will receive an email from theStudio@KL two confirming your request and specifying what happens next.


Thanks for choosing KL two –

3. You’re DONE – Hit the Submit button - - - AND BREATHE -  you are about to get an Auto Response email, similar to this:

Step 2. The production process

Once you select which service you want… No matter what product or custom service you select we will send you an email with the following attachments:

a. The design/sales agreement

b. Your design package information

c. A quotation based upon your scope

d. The Production Space Fact sheet - this theater specification sheet (REQUIRED) insures that the set will fit.  (or we will    measurethe space (extra charges apply)

Step 3. Building our Design Products – Your Turn !

a. Return the signed agreement (contract)

b. Return The Production Space Fact sheet

c. Include your deposit or your organizations Purchase Order

d. Once we’ve received your paperwork and deposit, you will receive your design package within the established timeline (outlined in your agreement)

Step 4. Curtain up, Lights on – Our turn again.

Were almost done – Once you receive your design package......

1. Send us the balance of our fee (due upon receipt of design package)

2. We will send you the Production Design release waiver to use our design for your production

3. ** Optional** Please send us production pictures for us to post! We love to share

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